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6 Reasons why you should choose us


Many people think that the quality of the patch depends only on the machine. The bigger, the more sophisticated, and the more expensive, the better the patches will be. Believe it or not, it doesnt work that way in most cases.  I’ve seen some companies that have bigger and high end machines but still producing poor quality patches and I've seen some home embroidery machines that can make same quality as the commercial ones. Some can even make better quality when it comes to stitches.

Although machines can affect the quality but not most of the time. Aside from the machine, the quality of the patch also depends on the digitizing part. It is the process of programming the file to make the machine produce your patch. The digitizer will make a file program of what the machine needs to do like where to land the stitches, distance of each stitches from one another, type of stitch, what type of layer to use, type of step stitches and a lot more.

Some companies only focus on their machines but are lacking on skills and experience on the digitizing part.

With Philpatch, we can guarantee to provide you high quality patches. Not only we used the latest technology but we also have talented digitizers who have been in the industry for almost a decade and worked internationally.

For us, we see embroidery an art and making an amazing patch gives us fulfillment.

No Programming fee

What is a programming fee?

With the digital embroidery technology, making a patch is now easier and faster compared to traditional manual embroidery where you need to move the fabric manually. The embroidery machines can make embroidered patches automatically and simultaneously however, these machines have specific files that it can read. Before a design or logo is transferred to the machine, a digitizer will need to make the program. This person will need to set where the needles will hit the fabric surface. The image below shows the letter looks on the program

This is a sample of a basic 1 cm letter A on the program. The white dots represent the stitches and the red line represents the threads. There are a lot of things that need to be programmed such us the needles which color of the thread should go first, density (distance of the stitches from one another), type of stitch, file type since each embroidery machines have a specific file that it can read depends on the manufacturer and a whole lot more.

Whether you get 1 patch or 1000 patches, the digitized file needs to be made before the machine can produce the patch.

This requires skills and experience to make file for each patch designs. Most companies charges from 1500 - 2000 pesos per design. The price varies depending on the complexity of the design.

With PHILPATCH, we don’t charge a programming or digitizing fee.

Lowest Price

We guarantee that we have the lowest price in the market. You're probably thinking that this sounds too good to be true. I'll explain how we do it.

Online Presence - The number 1 reason why we can offer it for that price is by utilizing the online ordering process. Since we don't have to pay for commercial buildings or spaces, we don't need to charge extra to cover those expenses. Where do you think other companies get the money to pay for those expenses? You're right, they pass it to their customers.

Online Optimization - We always work on our online presence. Which means utilizing technology to get more customers. We use search engines and facebook. We were able to hit to be 1 of the top websites in certain keywords.

You've probably seen this because you found this online. How does it affect the price? A lot!!! The more customers we get, the more savings we can pass to the customers. Also, we don't need to pay for advertising companies to get more customers. Big portion of our customers also came from satisfied customers referral.

Supplier Materials - We've been in the industry for a decade now and we know the in and out of the market. We were able to establish connections with reliable suppliers not only in the Philippines but also overseas. This greatly affects the price we provide to our customers. We get special discounts on the pricing of the materials we use and we pass it to our customers.

System - not only the team is in the industry for a decade but we also work internationally. During those years, we have acquired skills, style and experience to build a system that can make patches more cost efficient and and makes us more productive.

To sum it up, we were able to utilize the technology and combining with our years of experience, we offer you the lowest price in the market.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Since this will be a customized and personalized product, you don't know exactly what the final product would look like. Once the order is placed, we will make 1 sample patch and we will show it to you for your approval. We will make sure that you are 100% satisfied on the sample before we proceed to full production.

Free shipping

No need to go to a place you don't know of, no need to go through the hassle of traffic. Just relax and we will ship to the comfort of your home or office absolutely free within the Philippines.

Online ordering

This is probably new to most of us. This type of ordering process exists for over a decade now. We don't have a physical store for you to go to. People in other countries have been using this for over a decade now.


Easier Ordering Process - you don't have to go to a place you don't know of. Finding this type of business to a mall, going through the hassle of traffic or going to a crowded place. We have customers in some remote and very far places too. We recently got customers from iriga, cagayan, zambales and some remote areas. We simply communicated to customers over the phone and email, sent pictures electronically, made payment through different options then we shipped the patches to the comfort of their offices and homes. Imagine how easy that is getting customized/personalized patches without leaving your place? Amazing isn't it?

Affordable Price -This is the main reason why we can provide the lowest price in the market.

We utilize communication technology to make the ordering process easier and so we can provide you the lowest price. Since we don't have to pay for commercial buildings or spaces, we don't need to charge extra to cover those expenses. Where do you think other companies get the money to pay for those expenses? You're right, they pass it to their customers

I can go on and on going through the features of ordering online but those are the main 2 reasons why online ordering has been so successful.




No minimum order requirement for embroidered patches and printed patches. Minimum order requirement for embroidered keychain is 100pcs