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7 Important things to know in getting Custom Patch.

Getting embroidered patch for your business, organization, group, uniforms or even symbols of achievement may seems easy, but there are other factors we need to consider first before we get the ball rolling.

If getting an embroidered patch is new to you, this article will help you and give you an idea about the things you should know when getting embroidered patches.

1. Determine the size of the patch.

When it comes to size, there are two things that we will be asked most of the time. It’s the height and width of the your desired patch. To be able to determine the right size, you should know where you are going to use it for. Will be put on chest part, hat, shoulder, back patch, etc.Another factor to consider in terms Below is the most common sizes based on our experience.

Chest: Most patch sizes on shirt are 2 inches to 3.5 inches.

Hat: Height size is maximum of 2.5 inches and width is 4 inches maximum.

Backpatch: 8 inches to 12 inches.

2. Know the shape of your patch

The most common shape are squares, circles and oval. There are even companies who already has pre-made/cut out blank round patches where they put the customer artwork onto.

Embroidered patches nowadays are not only limited for wearing. These patches are also being created as collectables. To make your patch get that distinct uniqueness, do not limit yourself on those common old style shape of patches, feel free to tell what type of edging you want the patch to be.

3. Determine the backing.

Patch backing varies depending on the type, and to which item you will embellish or put the patch onto. Civil service workers, police officers, girl scouts, karate team or organizational members prefers getting a thin plastic backing since most of them prefers to sewn them on directly. Military patches though often goes with the velcro backing since their uniforms already has the loop side of the velcro.

Fashion brands, clothing lines, cap and hat enthusiast on the other hand prefers to get the iron on backing. These are perfect and the easiest way of embellishing your fashion trendy patches. Break free from thread and needles with the iron on backing.

4. Embroidery Percentage.

When it comes to percentage, this factor may be determined with the help of the embroidery company, but that doesn’t mean you cannot choose what percentage you want to patch to be. In most cases, the embroidery is a big factor in determining the price of your patch order.

The more threads used, the higher the cost may be. The most common percentage though is 75% embroidery. These are patches that leaves portion on the twill (cloth used for embroidery) to be the background colors.

5. Border

This is a factor you need to consider together with determining the shape of your patch. You can choose between a regular border( can be thin or thick type or merrowed border. Merrowed border gives a cleaner look on the patch edges since the stitching of is both front and back. Merrowed border has a limitation though, this type of border cannot be done on pointed edges and irregular patch shapes.

6. Colors

You can choose from hundred types of thread colors. The only limitation in selecting the color is if your patch artwork has gradients. Embroidered still has some limitations especially when it comes to gradients. What artist then do is make the color into a flat color, or sometimes suggest to simplify the design so it will be legible for embroidery.

7. Add on




No minimum order requirement for embroidered patches and printed patches. Minimum order requirement for embroidered keychain is 100pcs