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Embroidery has been long part of our culture here in the Philippines but embroidered patches trend is a kind of embroidery that's not that popular yet our in our country, unlike with other countries specially in the United States. We only encounter embroidered patches when we buy clothes, caps or any apparel that have patches sewed on or mostly directly embroidered. These were mostly imported from other countries.

In the United States, embroidered patch is one of the best ways to showcase the brand of a group, company or an organization. In the Philippines however, most companies and groups have their logo printed on a shirt, bags, caps or any materials since screen printing or heat transfer are more accessible and definitely cheaper compared to embroidery. Although we know that embroidered patches last longer, have high quality and a give a more elegant look and can showcase your logo even more,most still find it too expensive. Some companies who give it for a lower price, often require a minimum order quantity. Most have a minimum quantity of 500 pieces or higher. Embroidery companies are mostly not available locally.

Embroidered patch has a low demand in the market and the competition is weak. If there is a high demand in the product, chances are companies give the lowest price possible to beat the competition and get the customers.

Philpatch is committed to provide the best price possible by utilizing technology and improving ways to order patches easily to save cost and pass to you the savings we get. We help our customers to personalize and customize their logo or artwork for their group either it will be used for company uniforms, caps, airsoft, bikers patch or even for personal use.

There’s a big importance in branding your company or group you belong to. Let’s say you have store and have a uniform, there is big difference between showing your company logo between screen printed on a polo short or having your logo embroidered at least depending on the artwork or it’s purpose.

Why are some companies and most groups don’t have it? The answer is simple. Availability and price.

Most of us are familiar with the old way of embroidering the logo. We were using a machine to embroider the logo manually guided by hand and 1 at a time. You go to a mall or somewhere to buy towels or caps and the store offers embroidering your name directly to the product.

Technology has evolved nowadays. Patches are now being made digitally. A machine can make 20 patches at the same time or even more. This new way of embroidering patches is so efficient that once once you feed the embroidery file to the machine, it will produce multiple patches automatically. Because of this process, the price gets better when getting bigger quantity. The price per pieces gets lower when the quantity gets bigger. However, people who need few quantity might not like the price. There is no big difference between getting 10 patches and 100 patches.



The reason is the set up of having your logo embroidered is not that simple.

Here's how it works.

If you want to have your logo embroidered, you will need to send your logo in high resolution format and some companies even require specific file type. If you don't have what they need, you will need to hire a graphic artist to do that for you. Once the image or logo file is available or at least a high resolution, there has to be someone to make a file that an embroidery machine can read. An expert uses computer application to determine the stitches that a machine needs to make and there are a lot of things and settings that need to be done to make the embroidery file which is called DST file. Embroidery companies make that file for you that is why price is a little expensive for having just 10 patches. On the other hand, for people who needs bigger quantity, it is cheaper because once the file is fed to the machine, it can produce the needed quantity without manual labor.


Luckily, Philpatch helps its customers to design the logo or artwork for free. We will even make sure that you are 100% satisfied on both samples before we proceed in producing all the patches you need by sending you samples for your approval.

Get price for your patch project then send us your artwork and let us we can help you with your design.




No minimum order requirement for embroidered patches and printed patches. Minimum order requirement for embroidered keychain is 100pcs