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Embroidered Patches are the new craze in the Philippines

Filipinos love fashion and embroidered patch is working its way back on fashion trend here in the Philippines. Nowadays, we do not only see embroidered patches as a part of school, military and office uniforms. We can see trendy and colorful patches with different shapes and sizes on bags, jackets, caps, shoes and other fashion accessories. It may be a fully customized design expressing yourself, a logo with a significant message, a favorite character, a logo showcasing the group you proudly belong to or just wanting to go a step-further on your wardrobe to look unique and your outfit to stand out.

Embroidered patches philippines

We can trace the origin of Embroidery way back in Ancient Times wherein decorative stitches on fabric have been a mark of wealth and status, fast forward to present, computerized embroidery has not only made the process easier and faster for mass production to meet the demand, it has also given us the choice to customize new styles and designs when it comes to patches.

Your patch design to your ….

Denim skirts, jeans and dresses: with the availability of the iron on backing, adding up a single patch, or even a dozen has never been easier.

Shoes: They say your outfit is not complete without a matching pair of shoes, you can make it more fashionable and trendy by adding a patch with a safety pin or by just simple sewing it onto the fabric.

Hats: The front panel of a cap is always the best place to add a style on your bull cap, hiphop cap or even your vintage cap, the strap or the back part is also a good place to stick those trendy patches to transform a simple cap to into something trendy and unique.

Bags: It may be a tote, drawstring bag, a duffel bag or a back pack there is always a patch that will match your style.

Military Jackets:Who wouldn’t want to own a baddass military jacket? Glam it up by adding patches on the sleeve or embellish wherever you feel like sticking those cool patches.

Here are at Philpatch, we ensure that your patch speaks for your taste and personality. We are happy to help you dress up and personalize your denim jackets, bombers and hoodies, jeans, buy adding a unique and high quality patches on your everyday items.

If you would like to hear more about customizing your patch design and turning them into reality, you can check our fb page or on our website




No minimum order requirement for embroidered patches and printed patches. Minimum order requirement for embroidered keychain is 100pcs