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Top-Quality Velcro Patches at a very low price

We make high quality tactical velcro patches for military, police, security agency, EMS and air-soft use. Send us your design idea and we will take care of the rest.

Velcro Patch
Chill Team Six velcro patch

Velcro Patches

In our experience, there’s a lot of reasons why people, teams or organizations have their logo made into an embroidered patch.

Having a team logo patch is quite important to each and every member of the team. It makes someone’s feel they are part of the team. It also shows pride and shows being proud to others being part of the team.

There are also certain departments or teams that customize badge patches that can be given to a member who has achieved something important and some patches have a person’s important information in case of emergency like blood type patch.

Whatever the reasons are, it is great to wear a patch personalized to you or to your team.

PVC Velcro Patch

What is a Velcro

Velcro is a plastic strip with two different surfaces ( hook and loop) which can be fastened together or pulled apart easily. Having a velcro backing on a patch, you will be able to remove and attach the patch easily. It is often used in police, military and airsoft uniforms since patches are different for each members (name, rank, team logo, blood type etc.)

Velcro Hook and Loop

Hook Side: This is the rough side of Velcro, that is made of tiny hoops. This side of the Velcro is usually attached or sewn on the back of patches.

Loop Side : This is the soft side of the Velcro,that is made of tiny loops which are sewn on the fabric.

We’ve been making patches for years and velcro patches are one of our major products. We make embroidered,woven, printed and pvc patches from high quality materials which makes our patches more durable and last longer. 

Do you need help? Our creative specialists will be happy to assist you with your patch project

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Customers artwork for embroidery Service Image


3d rendering for Embroiidery Services with revision request and edits


actual embroidered image for embroidery services




No minimum order requirement for embroidered patches and printed patches.

Minimum order requirement for embroidered keychain is 100pcs